The Best Florida Painting Blogs of 2016 – So Far!

The Top Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Painting Blogs – According to the Dulakis Painting Florida Community

It’s officially summer, which means we’re celebrating our first half of the year! According to the Dulakis Painting following, these blogs have been our top rated for the year 2016 thus far…

Blog #1: Be Prepared, Florida! The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be the most active since 2012

Click to read: Be Prepared, Florida!

According to there is no real correlation between the number of storms and whether they will make landfall, so it is always wise to be prepared. Regardless of the hurricane category, floods are inevitable. In the case of a slower moving storm, heavy, prolonged rainfall, coupled with high winds creates a recipe for major disaster on buildings- especially ones that are inadequately protected. We give you a brief, easy-to-read guide on how to make sure your residential home or commercial property stays safe in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.


Blog #2: Preparing Your Florida Home for Hurricane Season

Click to read: Preparing Home for Hurricane Season

As Floridians for over 25 years, we know the weather can be very unpredictable – and as property owners, we need to take every precaution necessary to contend with the forces of mother nature! The Dulakis Painting team is all about being prepared – and according to residential clients and the BOMA Orlando Chapter Preparedness Team, windows and doors are most susceptible to storm damages. Review our tips and tricks for hurricane season, so you can help reduce the risk of  damage costs and safety!

Blog #3: Planning Your Next Light Industrial Painting Project

Click to read: Light Industrial Painting Project

Light industrial painting projects require extensive planning, strict adherence to industry specifications, and meticulous attention to detail that only an expert can provide. Thankfully, Dulakis Painting has all you need to know so a painting team can provide you with the best possible results in the event of a light industrial painting project. Dulakis Painting, Inc. has been a leading expert for over 20 years! We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best care. Our blog has some quick tips you need to know before you go ahead and make the decision to call a painting team for an estimate.

Blog #4: Should I Repaint My Commercial Building? 3 Essential Commercial Property Repaint Considerations

Click to read: Commercial Property Repaint

Dulakis Painting, Inc. has some great tips so you can make an educated decision on a commercial property repaint! Commercial repaints are extremely important for the protection and beautification of a building- especially in Florida. The hot sun, mixed with rain, wind, and significant storms, can have quite the impact on exterior paint over time! This blog has everything you need to keep in mind when considering a repaint from color to typical wear and tear and anything else in between.

Downtown Orlando AT&T Magnolia Wall Street

Blog #5: Did You Know Fire Hydrant Colors Actually Mean Something!

Click to read: Fire Hydrant Colors and Meaning

Ever seen dual-toned hydrants? And of course your typical solid yellow and red hydrants. This is not just for fun; these colors are rooted in firefighter safety. When fires start, finding a suitable water source providing enough water for a certain emergency is very important. Mathematical formulas help firefighters determine approximately how much water is needed to fight a given blaze, so these colors indicate how much water a particular hydrant provides. If you are curious about what each color means and how the different colors gauge the amount of water provided from each hydrant, definitely check out the blog for more awesome information!

All of our blogs are here to provide you with information you may not have known otherwise about paint – and precautionary measurements you might need to take before performing tasks or even in ways of your everyday life!

There is no doubt these 5 blogs have been our best of the year, but we are just getting started! Keep posted for more blogs with much more content in the world of painting!

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