Should I Repaint My Commercial Building? 3 Essential Commercial Property Repaint Considerations

Commercial Repaints are extremely important to the protection and beautification of your commercial building or property, especially in the state of Florida. The hot tropical Sun, along with rain, wind, and significant storms, can have a significant damaging impact on your exterior paint job over time.

Do you lease a commercial building to tenants or want to sell your commercial property? Perhaps you’re a Florida Facility Manager or Property Manager, and you need to make sure your facilities are maintained and protected. In either case, you’ll want to make sure you invest in commercial repaints by a company that is experienced in providing the best coverings for your interior and exterior – especially if a repaint is in dire need.

Is it time for a commercial property repaint? Dulakis Painting Inc. Founder Chris Dulakis recommends the following 3 key considerations when making your decision:

Tip 1: Exterior Repaints? Look to the Florida Sun – and Rain and Wind

“Sun fading is one of the biggest factors in determining how often you should repaint your commercial property”, Chris says. “If your building gets direct sun exposure most of the year, you may need to paint it every three to five years to keep it looking at its best, depending on the coating system.”

Other weather factors like rain and wind may impact the condition of your paint. Use common sense in assessing your building after a storm or hurricane to see if it is in need of extra TLC.

A Dulakis Painting Commercial Project

Tip 2: Consider Your Paint Color  

If you are a facility manager or property manager, your exterior color may depend on corporate. If you have the choice of paint color, and it’s within your brand guidelines, opt for lighter colors, which do not require as much upkeep as dark colors, especially here in the Sunshine State.

Tip 3: Consider Your Paint Type

Just like nearly every other product on the market – if you go for a cheaper brand and quality, you’ll receive cheaper results. “Make sure your commercial painting contractor uses commercial high-performance coatings, like Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial paints, Florida Paints, or PPG Porter Paints”, Chris added. “A protective, visually-appealing, quality paint will ensure that your exterior paint lasts far longer with less maintenance and upkeep.”

A good exterior paint will have weathering and moisture resistance properties, and if needed, stain and corrosion resistant bases (depending on the type of building or industrial material). Trust in a commercial painting contractor that knows their paints and invests in the best.

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