Planning Your Next Light Industrial Painting Project

A Guide to Florida Industrial Painting Best Practices for the Facility Manager

Have you ever tried to tackle a daunting task all by yourself – only to wish, mid-project, that you called on an expert do it for you? For some occasions, like Thanksgiving dinner, or even a small painting project – it’s easy to make this mistake, cut your losses, and decide to leave it to the pros the next time around. Light industrial painting projects, however, require extensive planning, strict adherence to industry specifications, and meticulous attention to detail that only an expert can provide.

Are you in charge of an industrial facility or property that needs a re-paint? Before you make the phone call to get a quote – here’s what’s required from your painting team to complete the project:

Proper Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is critical to the success and longevity of any industrial paint job. To receive the most return for your organization’s investment, you are looking first and foremost for quality paint performance. The short and long-term performance of the paint ultimately depends on good adhesion, and paint adheres best to surfaces that are clean and sound. That’s why we make sure the surface is in the best condition possible before we start.

Proper surface preparation will ensure that paint is less likely to blister, flake, or peel, and will also make sure that the paint has a more consistent color and sheen, or gloss. It’s extremely important for Florida’s industrial facilities to combat mildew, too, and with the proper surface prep, it’s less likely that the paint will be marred by fungal growth.

Finally, proper surface preparation encourages increased corrosion resistance. Proper surface preparation will help your paint job last longer because of better protection from rusting.

Pipes 1

Quality Paint & Materials

What kind of paint and materials do you need? There are a wide array of industrial-grade paints and materials, and their use depends on the application and intended lifespan – for maximum cost effectiveness.  A range of coatings are often applied to metal surfaces, such as tanks and piping, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and other surfaces commonly part of a physical plant that need high-level maintenance for an extended period of time.

In the surface preparation stage we talked about, a solvent or two-part epoxy may be applied before a premium coating can be painted on top. This process may also include aggregate blasting with sand, plastic, or even dry ice.

A Professional, Expert Light Industrial Painting Team

Industrial painters work in environments that require a greater degree of awareness and professionalism to get the job done right – and keep accidents from happening. What’s more, jobs may be located inside working plants or other manufacturing environments that simply cannot be interrupted for maintenance painting. There are even instances where the industrial area is deemed secure and proper security clearance is needed. Hire a team with the proper licensing, insurance, and credentials to do a good job.

 Dulakis Painting, Inc. has been a leading expert in light industrial painting in the Central Florida area for over 20 years. We know industrial – and we bring our expertise to you, on time and on budget. For more information about our Light Industrial services and expertise, visit our Industrial Services Page.



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