Choosing Your Commercial Building or Facility Paint Color

An inviting and well-maintained commercial building is an asset to any brand and community. Refreshing your facility with a nice, new coat of paint is a simple way to instantly draw attention to your building and enhance your business.

If your commercial building’s color scheme wasn’t picked out by corporate, you may be wondering what hue you should choose. The Florida commercial painting experts at Dulakis Painting recommend you consider the following before you pick out your facility’s next shade of exterior paint:

  • Commercial buildings are usually bigger than residential homes, so a good rule of thumb is to pick a light, neutral color that will reflect the Florida sun, keep heat out of your building, and blend in with the property’s surroundings.
  • Choosing a neutral color for your commercial building can really make your signage pop.
  • Compliment neutrals by using bolder colors on accents only – these are areas like trim and doors.
  • If your facility is in an area of historical significance, like St. Augustine or Ybor City, your options may be limited to those approved by the city’s governing body, and plans will usually need to be submitted before any changes can be made.
Yellow signifies optimism and confidence, while Blue represents a brand that is trustworthy, strong, and honest.

In addition, take the following factors in account when choosing your exterior paint color scheme:

  • What type of business is it?
  • What type of customers do you draw to your building?

According to Entrepreneur magazine, color theory may be able to help you determine which accent colors to choose.  If your business is a bit more whimsical, you may be able to get away with darker colors as your base color (think IKEA at Orlando’s Mall at Millennia).

In general, according to color theory:

  • Blue denotes security, strength, trust, caring, calm, and honesty.
  • Red evokes feelings of excitement, love, passion, action, and it can even make you hungry.
  • Orange means happy, social, friendly, and affordable.
  • Yellow makes one feel playful, optimistic, and confident.
  • Green gives off feelings of growth, freshness, and all things natural and earthy.
  • Purple can inspire, and make you feel creative or nostalgic.
  • If you choose black, you’re showing that your facility is sophisticated, luxurious, seductive, formal, or authoritative.
  • Have a rainbow of colors at your disposal? Your building will feel playful, bold, boundless, positive, and multidimensional.

Demographically, an older crowd usually prefers sedated, muted colors, while the younger generations don’t mind a more intense color palette.

Still unsure about what color to choose? The commercial experts at Dulakis Painting can help you choose a paint color, paint type, and strategy for your commercial building improvement. Simply click here for a quote, or call us Monday through Friday at 407-366-9312.


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